What is in the aeroFIT report?

Allen Carr Example Report.JPG

Report outlines numerous positions with images showing estimate wattage required. as compared to a baseline. Text based feedback on optimal positioning and areas for improvement is also included.

What is aeroFIT TRAIN?

Sommerville aeroFIT TRAIN.JPG

Our software allow workout based training sessions in which you can practice holding designated positions. A report is provided that outlines time spent in positions with images for reference.

Who has used this system?

  • Belgian National Team
  • British Cycling & Triathlon
  • Team Ineos
  • Michaelton Scott
  • UAE
  • Chris Froome
  • Remco Evenepoel

I think you get the idea…

Anything special I need to know?

  • 12 speed drive trains are challenging. Our trainer is 10/11 speed compatible. 12 speed will be limited for shifting
  • YOU DON’T need to ride at 45 kph, 350 watts, etc as the test is actually at any level of effort you desire.

How accurate is the virtual wind tunnel?

This is a “Million Dollar Question” and it’s best to look at it in a quantitative position.. The system tests for changes in the frontal exposure to wind with complex algorithms. We like to call this “apples to apples” and if you make a change in your position you can see a value in which can be compared “equally” between each.

EXAMPLE: Elbow in saves 12 watts

It’s much like the debate on how accurate a power meter reading provides. Single vs dual, pedal vs axle, vs crank, vs spider, etc

What is a CdA?

CdA is an equation to designate value for fluid drag on a shape.

Cd = Coefficient of Drag. This can be described by how smooth is the shape being tested.

A = Area. Its the frontal area of the shape being tested and the actual value in which aeroFIT calculates.

Short answer = How aero you are on the bike.

Changes in equipment or position can impact the CdA.

Equipment is quantifiable by known testing values provided by the manufacturer. In essence, you buy that speed.

Using aeroFIT virtual wind tunnel, we can maximize gains in position to save watts. Up to 80% of total drag is attributable to the rider, so let’s get free speed…

We have seen values up to 65 watts gained by just positioning!

How long does it take?

Plan for 1 hour which includes setup of your bike, warm up, testing and discussion of the results.

Do I need a TT bike?

No, the test is equally valid for all types of bicycles.

What should I bring for the aeroFIT sessions?

  • Bike
  • Kit = Jersey, Bibs or Speedsuit, Gloves
  • Helmet, Shoes & Glasses

Can I bring different equipment to test?

We do limit the testing environment to things that can be adjusted quickly such as helmets, glasses, clothing and shoes, etc. We also allow for minor adjustments of TT aero bars based on initial testing results.

No, you cannot bring 2 sets of aero bars and request to swap for test, this would be 2 different sessions and incur separate charges.

NO, this test does not include adjustments of your road position as that is part of our dynaFIT service

Equipment needs to be ready to test without major wrenching.

Big list of “NO”

aeroFIT virtual wind tunnel measures your A, which is frontal value and uses complex algorithms to determine estimate CdA. It does not measure drag directly.

aeroFIT does not measure: (all Cd)

  • Fabric drag of a Speedsuit, Jersey, etc.
  • Wheel drag including depth, profile, etc.
  • Helmet drag

Big list of “YES”

aeroFIT measures the (A) frontal profile of your total shape. Changes in individual features will impact your calculated CdA.

Items that impact measurements: (all A)

  • Shape of fabric on your body. Loose fitting items, “bumpy”, etc all increase A and the CdA.
  • Shape of your bike, wheels, equipment. In total these can impact your A value and thus the CdA. For example, aeroFIT shows increase in CdA if your computer is mounted on stem vs in front of bars.
  • Helmet shape

The biggest value of all is your position on the bike and we can quantify this with live motion analysis to increase CdA.